- 1800+ LBS SOLD IN 2014 -

ourprocessOur Jerky is trimmed of fat and unsightly veins, inspected and then sliced into our desired thickness. We’ve spent over a year perfecting our process allowing us to efficiently and safely produce our mouth-watering Chicken Jerky.

No flavoring, no preservatives. All natural.

Once the jerky is sliced, we dehydrate each batch for 12 to 14 hours, until we get our desired consistency. After the product is fully cooled and inspected a second time, we package it in 10-pound bags. We then take it to our original retail store in Carmel, IN and package our quarter, half and full pound packages. We use a CAS SW-50 scale, registered and legal for trade.


Our Poultry of Choice

The fresh poultry we buy is never stored below 28° F, so it’s always delivered fresh. In addition, all of our poultry is grown and processed locally, ensuring that we receive the freshest product available. This freshness is then passed on to you and your dog through our fantastic Jerky.

Our product originates from all natural chicken that matures on family farms in the United States without the use of growth hormones or steroid supplements has been minimally processed. Growth hormones are never used as it is prohibited by federal regulations.



100 % USDA Grade Natural Chicken Breast

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min. %) 83.64%

Crude Fat (Min. %) 6.28%

Crude Fiber (Max. %) 0.02%

Moisture (Max. %) 8.68

WERETHEBESTEndless Benefits:

Sourced and produced in Carmel, Indiana, USA

High in Protein – Very low in Fat

NO Additives

NO Preservatives

Superior, consistent quality assurance

We believe in being totally transparent, unlike the large corporations that are filling the dog treat market with imported, often unsafe, jerky substitutes.


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